Catholic School in Nashville Removes Harry Potter Novels

Students at Nashville’s Catholic School will not be able to borrow books about Harry Potter from the library anymore. The worldwide bestseller books about the boy wizard are deemed as bad and inappropriate by the school’s pastor, Dan Reehil. According to him, spells that famous author J. K. Rowling used in her novels can actually “conjure evil.”

A while ago, St Edward Catholic School opened a renovated library, but books about the young wizard were removed from the shelves. This unpopular decision comes as a result of reverend Reehil’s request. Many people were wondering if a pastor actually had a right to forbid any book. But the principal of that school, Rebecca Hammel, explained that a pastor had a canonical authority to do so. 

Reverend Dan Reehill informed the parents about his decision via email in which he made clear why he chose to ban these books from the library. He said that before making this decision, he consulted with exorcists from the U.S. and the Vatican. Together, they concluded that spells in the books “are real,” and if students read them, they could “summon the evil.” No, the pastor didn’t mean it as a joke. 

The school’s superintendent Hammel said that the school would not stand in the way of parents if they decided to allow their children to read about Harry Potter at home. 

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