Hodgen Mainda to Run Department of Commerce & Insurance in Tennessee

Hodgen Mainda (42) will be running the Department of Commerce and Insurance in Tennessee from October. Governor Bill Lee chose Mainda because of his competence to create partnerships in various sectors.

Mainda will be replacing Julie Mix McPeak in the position of insurance commissioner. He is currently the deputy president at the Electric Power Board in Chattanooga, in charge of community development. 

Hodgen Mainda has an interesting history. He moved to the United States as a rugby player from Kenya in 2008. After his sports career, he used to work as a lobbyist, consultant and a business developer in Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga. 

Gov. Lee praises Mainda’s leadership abilities, and says that he is particularly competent in building partnerships in various sectors, which is the reason he chose him to join his cabinet. There is no doubt that Mainda’s skills and leadership will be beneficial for the Department of Commerce & Insurance. 

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