From Tears to Smile: The University of Tennessee Surprises a Mocked Kid

Something wonderful happened at the beginning of the new season of college football at the University of Tennessee. Children mocked a student because he wore a homemade T-shirt of his favorite team. But the football team appreciated his support and decided to turn his “design” into official merchandise.

During recently held college colors day, a kid came to school wearing a DIY T-shirt of his favorite football team. He didn’t own the original shirt of a team, but his teacher encouraged him to make one by himself. And that is what he did. He took a bright orange T-shirt, which is the color of the University of Tennessee’s football team. Then he drew “T of C,” a logo of the team, on a piece of paper, and he attached it to the front of the shirt. 

The youngster was super excited to wear the colors of his favorite team, but other kids at school made fun of his “design” until he burst into tears. His day was ruined, and he was devastated. Luckily, his teacher appreciated his efforts and wanted to surprise the student. She got in touch with the University of Tennessee explaining what happened. 

The football team decided to send a box full of the team’s merchandise for the kid. And that is not all — the University of Tennessee outdid themselves. They have turned the T-shirt made by this student into their real merch, and they are selling it. They will donate all the money from selling this T-shirt to an anti-bullying group.

Needless to say — the young boy was ecstatic when the teacher gave him the package from his favorite football team. Way to go, University of Tennessee, way to go. 

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