Tribute: Well-Known Manufacturer Made All-Black Johnny Cash Guitar

A renowned manufacturer, Martin Guitars, presented a new DX Johnny Cash guitar. The instrument is a result of their cooperation with John Carter Cash, the son of the famous musician, and the Cash Foundation. It is an entirely black guitar with dreadnought shape and a custom fingerboard with stars and the CASH logo. 

There is quite an interesting story about how the legendary musician first got to work with this renowned guitar manufacturer. The legend says that Johnny Cash asked the Martin & Co to make him a black guitar. But they replied that they didn’t do black. However, Cash was persistent, and eventually, they used shoe polish to paint the instrument. And that is how Martin & Co made their first guitar for the country star.

At the beginning of the 1970s, this renowned guitar maker made a custom-made, black coated D-35 for Johnny Cash. Believe it or not, “Man in Black” used to play that guitar for the next two decades. This 2019 black guitar is not the first time that Martin Guitar honored the legendary musician. They first did it in 2006 when they made an edition of a D-35 Johnny Cash guitar. 

Recently, Martin Guitar partnered with the Cash Foundation and John Carter Cash to produce DX Johnny Cash. Cash junior designed the guitar that has a dreadnought shape and is made with high-pressure black laminate. Like the previous commemorative edition, the fingerboard of the instrument features the stars and recognizable CASH letters. This guitar will be available for $799 worldwide.

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