Another Dry and Hot End of Summer in Nashville

A hot and dry September in Nashville is nothing new, and these weather conditions will stay until the end of the month. Meteorologists say that heat will reach up to 100 Fahrenheit by the end of the week, and somewhat lower temperatures are expected for the weekend. 

Scorching temperatures will be over 90 Fahrenheit and will approach record highs by the end of the week. During the weekend the temperature will drop by a few degrees, but the chances of rain are low. Forecasters say that such weather conditions are usual for Nashville in this time of year, but they are hoping that this is the last heatwave this summer. 

In the second half of September, the temperatures will be lower. However, there are no indications of the cold front that should announce the beginning of fall. In fact, weather predictions say that storms will not necessarily follow lower temperatures at the end of the month.

Meteorologists have issued a warning because of high temperatures. The people who work outside should prepare for the heat, while schools have to follow safety guides for outdoor activities. 

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