Mississippi School Bus Driver Died and Eight Kids Injured in an Accident

A school bus driver died, and eight children suffered injuries in an accident that happened on Highway 72 in Mississippi, Tuesday morning. Paramedics airlifted four children to the local hospital. The cause of the crash remains unknown. 

A school bus rolled and flipped over on the side of Highway 72 on Tuesday morning. Eight children got hurt in this accident, and four of them were taken to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital by helicopter. Doctors retained them in hospital for further treatment because they suffered severe injuries. 

An ambulance transported two students, and another two were taken by private cars to the hospital. Fortunately, they suffered no serious injuries, so they were released the same day. 

A bus driver, who was a dependable employee, died instantly on the crash site. There are signs that he suffered a heart attack just before the accident, but it remains unknown if he died because of that or because of the injuries sustained in the crash. The police continue to investigate the cause of the accident.

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