Police in Tennessee Investigate How a Toddler Got Shot in the Head

A toddler from Nashville suffered a severe head injury, and the police are still investigating the circumstances around this accident. They suspect that the boy might have shot himself with the gun that he found, which was stolen earlier this year. 

Parents heard the noise and went outside the house only to find their three-year-old injured. They wrapped the boy’s head in towels and rushed him to the hospital. While they were on the way, a 911 operator told them to go back because the police and paramedics were in front of their house. The boy’s parents turned the car around and went back home. 

Despite the wound, the boy was responsive and breathing. The paramedics took him to the nearest children’s hospital, where doctors retained him for further treatment.

Nashville detectives found the gun in a car parked outside the house where the accident happened. Next to the weapon was a depository with bullets and a used shell casing. The first indications show that the boy found the weapon and shot himself accidentally. 

In the meantime, it turned out that the weapon was stolen in July in a burglary. None of the residents of that area, including parents of the injured boy, admit that they had a gun. 

Tennessee detectives say that the investigation is still on-going. 

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