Grandpa Killed His Wife and Grandson Before Committing Suicide

A tragedy happened in Hermitage, a neighborhood of Nashville, when a man (64) committed two murders and a suicide. Before killing himself, he murdered his wife (61) and then fatally shot his grandson (6). A girl (4), sister of the killed boy, managed to escape. Nobody knows what prompted the man to commit this crime. 

The boy and his little sister were visiting their grandparents in Hermitage during the weekend. Everything seemed normal during the day, and nobody could predict that the night would turn into a tragedy. The grandpa took the gun and fatally shot his wife and then killed one of his grandchildren.

Before he was shot, a young boy told his sister to run away. The little girl stormed out of the house and knocked on the neighbor’s door seeking help and explaining what happened. After killing his wife and grandkid, the man took his own life. 

The neighbours are in shock because, as they say, the couple was friendly and they loved their grandchildren. Nothing could possibly suggest that this catastrophe was going to happen. The police in Tennessee investigates the motives behind this murder-suicide.

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